Welcome to Aunt Mayme`s Attic

A makeup bag is just a makeup bag and a tote bag is just a tote bag.  The difference is carrying a piece of vintage with you.

Since 2012, Aunt Mayme’s Attic has provided customers with a quality product that bespeaks of a simpler time. Softly styled and nostalgic, dusted with a sprinkle of romance, vintage linens are transformed into makeup bags, handbags, baby clothing, cell phone pouches, and other functional everyday items.
If you are one who likes trends and is a crowd follower, Aunt Mayme’s Attic is not for you. Made for the somewhat eccentric, a little passionate, boho fashionista, Aunt Mayme’s Attic products are from a different era, redesigned for today.
Let your purchase speak your thoughts and stroll you down memory lane with a product from Aunt Mayme’s Attic.

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