The title, Aunt Mayme’s Attic, came as a result of my childhood and the few times I was allowed to play in my Aunt Mayme’s Attic, digging through an old trunk, only to find vintage linens. Linens that were tucked away, never used because they were too “good”. What’s the purpose of making/embellishing them if they are going to be set aside? Or worse yet, tossed in a landfill? We no longer have the time or patience to recreate these items, and maybe that’s why they mean so much to me.

Life is difficult, let’s face it. But we all remember some time in our past when it wasn’t so. Or at least that’s what we think because perhaps we were a young child, naive in our thinking, and it was our parents who had the stress. But some of us can remember landlines, rotary phones, black and white TVs, and giant computer discs 10″ or more.  I know—you may be asking “What’s a computer disc”?

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What better way to relive the past than by seeking out memories? Memories balance us. The touch of an old blanket, old leather shoes, and other objects. My hobby (at least one of them) is sewing, being taught by my eighth grade teacher, Mrs. “R”.  A wonderful woman with an open mind, who made her classroom a haven for girls who needed emotional support. And there was a time when I needed it badly.

Sewing is my passion and my depravity. And the fortunate thing is I admire vintage linens that others don’t want; soon to be tossed into a landfill. I rescue them and turn them into everyday items to help those who recall their past relive a small memory of it.

Perhaps you have memories of your own. What do the words “Fire King” mean to you? “Gunne Sax”? “Tom Jones”? “45 RPM”? “Engelbert Humperdink”? “Art Linkletter”? “Picture Tube”? And why is it you want vintage of your own?

Send an email and share with me your stories!  I’d be interested in reliving them with you.