Welcome to Aunt Mayme`s Attic

A makeup bag is just a makeup bag and a tote bag is just a tote bag.  The difference is carrying a piece of vintage with you.

In today’s fast paced world, we cling onto the past either through our purchases of vintage items or the touching of a piece of vintage cloth.  It’s the idea of having something that once was that makes Aunt Mayme’s Attic unique.  Vintage linens recycled in modern and functional items for today’s world.

Makeup Bags

Beautiful Makeup Bags for Every Day

Makeup and cosmetic bags.  Make the part of your daily routine less ho-hum when you open one of these beautiful cosmetic bags.  Whether for your medical supplies, makeup, or some other purpose a one of a kind bag is sure to delight.




Hippie Chick Bags

Shoulder Bags and Totes

Escape the ordinary with a unique shoulder bag or tote.  Each bag/tote has a piece of vintage embroidery on the front and many times is made from vintage fabrics.  Unique in their design, (it’s my own), you are sure to make a fashion statement in a dreary world.




Baby bonnets and dresses

Little Girly Things

Little girls love little girly things.  Whether your little girl is new or a toddler, she will be the envy of all others when you dress her in one of my bonnets or dresses.  An apron would also be nice for her.