Spring is Here; Time for Planting and Renewal

After driving down South for the better part of the day yesterday, I've come to the conclusion that Spring has finally arrived. All the daffodils were a riot of color. The redbud trees were beginning to bloom, along with the crab apple and plum. And the forsythia! Oh the forsythia! And while I've been awakening … Continue reading Spring is Here; Time for Planting and Renewal

Specially Marked Package(s)

If you're as old as I am, you'll remember the cereal boxes that would have great offers inside.  They could range from a toy plastic action figure to even free tickets to some semi-obscure amusement park.  Personally, I liked the toys the best.  And as always, the commercials would inundate the TV with loud dialogue, … Continue reading Specially Marked Package(s)