Why I Like Spring

I have to admit, I do like Spring. I’m basically an Autumn kind of gal, being born during that time of year and–Oh, the trees when they change color!
But there is something very special about Spring too. The flowers are peeping out, the birds are chirping, and the grass is no longer white (as in “snow”), or brown, (as in “past snow”) but green; bright grass green.

Something else about Spring is the number of smells. The scent of the crocus, lilacs, (my favorite) and that grass; that grass green grass. And just before Mr. Mayme has to cut it all, (another smell), I’m tromping through the woods looking at “stuff.”

And it’s here where I really love Spring. The smell of sheets drying in a breeze. Can anything be finer?
Perhaps you are like I am; have a little piece of yard to dry your laundry.

These are my shop linens drying on the line. All vintage!

I love to get into the ritual of it all: Pulling out the retractable clothesline, hooking it in place, putting all my clean and wet laundry in my wicker basket (my favorite “smell tool”; damp wicker nourishes the soul!), and dragging it down the basement steps and taking it outside. I even have old fashioned clothespins in my clothespin bag!

It’s outside where my soul comes alive, my bones feel workable, my heart is refreshed. It’s outside where I yearn to be when I’m indoors and can’t get out because it’s 20 below with a foot of snow out there and the sun is shining. No sense in pushing the arthritis!

So if you’re like I am, you will want something to add to your enjoyment of Spring. Consider a new clothes pin bag. I have many here:

Then get outside and enjoy that sunshine. It won’t be long until Winter is back again.

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