Can I Do It???

Well, I’m up to 2,480 sales. A lot when you consider I never thought I’d make it to 500, let alone to more. But apparently, when I dig deep enough, I find that I enjoy this. It fulfills a need, and a desire to keep myself busy through the winter months. Oh yes, I could raise my prices; something to more along the line of what it actually costs me in time and materials. But frankly, should I? I mean, if I disappointed a customer because I raised a $19 item to $21 to the point they would never come back, would it be worth it?
And what to do about the items I have in stock? Should I raise the price on those too, or should it be just on the new things?
So here I am, at the precipice, just 20 more sales to go to reach 2,500. Can I do this before the end of the year? And if you were that lucky person that got me to 2,500, what would you like to have? Free shipping? A discount code? A few little extras tucked in
your package? Any better ideas?

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