What is it about “The Holidays“??

Well, I must admit. I’ve been stumped again, and scratching my head thinking, “What is it about the holidays??” After a recent conflict with my younger sister, which has left me in an “untethered” mode, I had to contribute it to”The Holidays”. This is when all the issues of childhood come out–conflicts over jealousy, feeling “left out”, “better than” issues, etc. I’m sure you know the story. And this holiday season was that very thing.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m sure I’ve had my share of involvement in the conflicts of family strife and I don’t want to discredit my responsibility. But when someone comes at you from “left base” and attacks you for being you, well, you have to take a step back and ask yourself, “Does this person even know me?” And then you realize it has to do with childhood issues. Well, if you’re both over 60, do you think it’s ever going to change?

So what do you do? You “lay low”. You find things that give you joy and comfort and you reassess your relationships, both with family and friends. I mean, after all, isn’t the Solstice about growth?

So to get out of this conundrum, what did I do? Well, what any normal person would do with as many sewing machines and fabric that I have…. I made things! Now, I have to admit that I’ve been watching YouTube for quite a while, and one particular channel is from a woman who talks about the world being so stressful and what you can do. Her therapy, and advice, is “PLANT SOMETHING!!”. Well, I can’t plant now as the ground is too frozen, but I can create! And create I did.

Three zippered pouches out of hand dyed wool in the most beautiful claret red!
A really fun potholder out of vintage fabrics
Two blue potholders out of more vintage fabrics
A really cute strawberry zippered pouch of out a plaid hand dyed wool
A makeup bag out of a whisper soft tan wool
Another makeup bag with an interesting doily on the front
Another makeup bag out of a hand dyed purple wool
And finally, three of the most beautiful purple coin purses (of course the middle one would need pressing!)

So I must say, in light of all this, I feel much better and have resolved the issue.

Happy New Year everyone! May your holidays burn brightly with the love of all who love you!

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