Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Do you ever get one of those moments when you are just itching to create something and shortly thereafter, something lands in your lap? So it is with this little bag. A friend of mine is clearing out her house, trying to get ready for a church yard sale. And she hands me a piece of a sweater. In fact, about 8 inches of one half of a sleeve.

Then she says, “Can you do something with this?” and right away, an image came to my mind. The little piece of flat wool, beautifully colored and no flaws, began to take shape in my mind.

When I pulled out the little piece of embroidery I thought would go well, I decided on a button in the flower. So I pulled out about four buttons, and sure enough, one went very nicely. The next thing was the inside fabric, and from that, the thread color for the embroidery came about. I even had a vintage metal zipper in the same color!

The size of the bag came next. I wanted something sort of tall, but slender, as I imagined that type of woman wearing the sweater from where the sleeve came. And I wanted the ribbing of the sweater sleeve to be the bottom of the bag.

So what about you? Do you have those moments? I do and they don’t occur too often. But maybe that’s a good thing! Because I would probably get quickly burned out!

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