I’m So Excited!!!

Back in the summer, I received an email from a woman who is a photographer.  She asked if I would be willing to donate a bonnet and dress set for a photo shoot she was going to do with one year olds.  Well, I couldn’t very well loan her the dress, because I couldn’t sell it once it was worn, and I didn’t want to donate it if I didn’t get something in return.  So I offered to send it to her, once she paid for it, with the promise that she would send me photos and links to her FB page.  I wanted the photos to use on my website.  Once I saw the photos, and the links, I refunded her money.  It was sort of a trade off.

Not only did she take the photos, and send me the ones I wanted, but she also posted on Instagram and Facebook.  Now she’s submitted one to Today’s Toddler, and it’s on this month’s cover!!!

The photographer’s name is Julie Scarpellino Nichols, and if you check out her Facebook page, you’ll see the awesome work she does!

Purple bonnet and dress set

One response to “I’m So Excited!!!”

  1. Such a pretty dress, and a lovely photo!


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