When We Are Given Beauty

Not too long ago, I was contacted by a woman, Julie Nichols, who asked if I would be willing to loan her one of my bonnet and dress sets for a photo shoot.   See the set here: Purple Dress and Bonnet Set   I like helping people, and at first, I was eager.  But then I realized several things could go wrong, one being the outfit would be worn and couldn’t be resold.  So we created a win-win situation for both of us.

Recently she contacted me, excited about the shoot, and shared with me the pictures; after approval from the mother, of course!  So have a look; the little girl is so photogenic, and the setting is so breathtakingly beautiful.  Even the choice of the purple bonnet and dress set made it even more spectacular.  Here’s her website:  Photos by Jules Click on the 1 month to 5 year olds, and register.

This makes me think of beauty being everywhere.  I have my creations, but they are “just creations”.  But when someone adds to them, the beauty of their artwork shines through.  I’m just a maker; others are the artist, and the world is their canvas.

Thank you, Julie Scarpellino Nichols, for making my bonnet and dress set shine even more!  And thank you Michelle Wells Grant for the beautiful embroidered linen.

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