What the Nor’Easter Brought

Having nothing to do, nothing to create, but thinking of Spring when I can get outside and hang my clothes on the clothesline, yesterday I came up with an idea.  It took away the doldrums, prepared me for the Nor’Easter that hit this morning, and now I feel much better.

Clothespin bags

My favorite is the yellow, which has its hole in the back, and of course, the red pillow ticking and of course, the Wildenur Cherries.  Oh so cute!

The biggest part of my day is spent creating.  Then once I get a few ideas in place, in this case, five, I’m on a roll and don’t interrupt me until I’m done!  The smallest one has red ricrac around the edges and holds about 35 pins.  The others hold about 60.

I’d say it was a fruitful day, wouldn’t you?




2 responses to “What the Nor’Easter Brought”

  1. Adorable. Let’s have coffee. I have a big bag of linens for you.


    1. Yes. Ma’am! It would be GREAT to see you!!! My “respiratory crud” is gone so as soon as I can dig myself out of the driveway, I’ll be there. Let me know what day and time.


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