Today it’s About Journals and Journaling

Do you like to write in a journal?  Is your journal a pretty one, with pinks, bits of ribbon, lots of mixed media?  Or is your journal one that’s in an old notebook with lined pages, lots of drawings, etc.?

I have lots of journals.  Or should I say, about four.  Most of them are sewing journals, used for my shop.  The one that has most of my diagrams for products is made from pretty purple quilting fabric that has sparrows and bird nests.  Its hand written label on the front was a failed attempt to set it off nicely, but didn’t.  The journal is full of drawings, each item I’ve made has its own page.  Bed Pockets, Hippie Chick Bags, Makeup Bags; everything is there.  It’s refillable with a composition book, much like those we “oldsters” used to work our lessons. Oh, the vestiges of a young girl in Catholic school!  Sitting at her small desk, in her wool uniform (even in the hot Southern California sun), writing away.

Journals (3)

Then I have another journal for my clothing.  Notes of things that are important to me, such as the size of my armholes, hip to waist measurements, notes from Peggy Sagers online workshops, and several other things.  This one is wire bound, a 3-D cutout of a fancy dress is on the front cover.  And in the wires are beautiful pearl beads.  Pretty fancy!

Journals (1)

Then there are the other journals; the ones I write in when I’m reading.  Have you done that–taken notes while reading?  I do and it’s wonderful.  To hold up my book, read a bit, jot down, and read what I wrote.  This one is refillable too, and has a beautiful piece of vintage embroidery on the front of yellow fabric a friend gave me.  I’m not sure if it’s the soft yellow cover, or the embroidery that makes me smile every time I open it.

Journals (2)

I started my Morning Pages in this one.  I’m sure you know what morning pages are; Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, identifies the process of developing creativity through writing three pages a day.  Laid out in simple fashion, it’s easy to follow.  Here is a wonderful link by Chris Winfield to explain the process further:     The Benefits of Morning Pages     Mine were spent trying to settle down, get over a frustration, what I was going to do in the garden, etc.  I must say, while writing in them, I find I’m less anxious, my head is clear and life is balanced.  And for me, Libra, it’s all about balance!

So what is your favorite journal?  Is the cover worn from the constant opening and closing?  Does it contain many notes?  Or drawings?  Is it tucked in a drawer or on display?  Do you use it for Morning Pages, or other writing?  Drawings of artwork?

Here are a few you might consider for yourself or a friend.  These are found in my Etsy shop and might be the most beautiful gift you give for Christmas.

Navy Blue Journal    Black Journal   Purple Journal  Aqua journal




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