It’s a Wonderful Day in the Etsy Neighborhood

Free shipping in my Etsy shop

October is my birthday month and I’m celebrating! After an up-and-down season, and meeting a lot of sweet people at craft fairs, I’m in a thankful mood. I mean, after all, moods are good, aren’t they?

So for the month of October, starting October 1 and running through October 31, I’m offering free First Class domestic shipping in my Etsy shop.  International customers will receive 25% off standard shipping, (First Class International) through a refund at the time of the purchase.  Priority Mail and Overnight Mail don’t qualify.

If you’ve wanted to buy just that one thing for yourself, now is the time.  And, “Wait, there’s more!” If you’re a returning customer, don’t forget that Thank You coupon code.

Here’s the link to get you started:  Aunt Mayme’s Attic on Etsy

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