Special Offer for 700 Lucky People

thank you note for 700 shop favorites

After seeing that 700 people have favorited my Etsy shop, I’m in heaven!  So I would like to thank all 700 of you by giving you a special offer.

You have the opportunity to purchase any one item from my shop at 70% of its original price, between now and April 12.  How do you do it?  Just email me, either through my Etsy shop, my blog or website, or my Facebook page (I’m making this exclusive because I’m not going to give it out to every Tom, Dick and Harry, LOL)  and I’ll give you a coupon code for your purchase.  It’s that easy.

Now’s your chance to purchase something just for you just before the big Easter rush.   Take a look in my Mayme’s Vintage Closet section where everything is 25% off its original price.  Look in my Mayme’s Card Box section, or better yet, look in my Tote Bags and Accessories section.  All is available to you.  Just ask for the code.

Thank you for being such an integral part of my Etsy selling experience!


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