The Year is Drawing to a Close

tree-with-borderYes, folks, we’re at this stage again.  That time of year when we all look back and reflect on what has been happening.  And while I won’t “get political” here, I’d like to take a moment to say “Thank You” to all of you who supported me this past year.

I have had over 600 sales since I opened in 2012 and on the average, that’s over 150 sales per year.  But most importantly, it’s not about the money, but more about the value of what I’m providing.  And many of you have shown that in your reviews; all 200 of them.  Comments such as

A perfect gift for the gentle soul

Excellent workmanship

Beth is quick to respond to any questions and goes out of her way to please

are all what give me fuel to continue. 

I can’t bear to see vintage linens out in a landfill, only to be consumed by dirt.  If I can “send them out into the Universe” and make someone happy by their presence, evoke a memory, or just for the sheer joy of having a vintage piece, then my job is done.  And I will do all I can to continue to provide.

A recent Happy Holidays card had this inscription:

“May the spirit of the holidays remind you of the strength and perseverance of our nation and its people.

Well said.  May you all find comfort, peace,  and hope in the year to come.


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