What I Really Love About My “Job”

Every now and then I get a little discouraged with my shop.  I think I’m not successful enough, don’t have enough sales, need to produce more to keep up, and all those chastisements that one goes through.  I struggle to find some kind of balance, and strive harder, only to see that I need to slow down and let life develop.  I’m not one of those “pusher” types, that has to be “all things to everyone” and “get out of my way while I’m at it”, but have looked at my life and seen that I experience things; allow them to flow.  Maybe that’s being passive, and if it is, that’s just fine.

And then when I slow down and do something creative, life clicks.  Take for example, this evening when I received the kindest reviews from a repeat customer.  I certainly wasn’t expecting it as I never expect reviews.  But when people want to “crow about” their experience with me, I’ve over the top with gratitude.

And what did she buy?  My hanky soap sachets.  Those little gifts that one can’t live without, and those little gifts I enjoy making.  Here are some of what she bought:

So today I made some more; oh I had fun today!  Lovely little sachets with lovely scented soaps.  Want to take a look?

These are soon to be posted, and I’m sure my repeat customer will love these just as much as she did the other three.

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