It’s One Week After that Nasty Awful Day

It’s one week after the Presidential election and for this past week, I’ve been on sensory overload.  Whether it be the people I speak with, the fears I’m faced with, or the sensitivity I’ve been feeling from being around others, it seems that this past week, I’ve been in a cloud.  Whether it be a cloud of doubt, a cloud of fear, a cloud of anger, or just a “wait and see” approach, I can’t say.

Today I decided I’d play in the yard with Lily, my dog, as she loves to run.  The border collie in her says to run, run, run, just for the joy of running.  And getting her started is even greater fun than watching her run.

The day was mild, and warm; unlike the Novembers of past with temps in the 30’s.  Today it was in the 50’s.  I needed to get out, needed to rebalance with nature and tell myself that the future will be okay.  And while playing with her, I noticed my flower garden for the first time this fall.  Of course, I’m out there almost daily during the spring, but the fall seems to bring a sense of powerlessness as the winter starts to take over, with ice and snow.  A sort of metaphor for what’s to come.  And what I noticed most was my garden angel.

Now I’m not a religious person. “Been there, done that”, as they say, but I put this angel in my garden for a sense of spirituality, no matter what my personal or anyone else’s beliefs are.  Much like one would place a Kwan Yin (spelling, please!), a fairy, or anything else connected with peace and tranquility.  When I bought this angel several years ago, I knew where it would go.


And today it looked different.  I don’t know if it was the light, the time of year, or the fact that the mold that normally grows on it didn’t do so this year, but it seemed as if it were more contemplative; more “sensory aware”.  And once I saw it in this light, it then took on a different meaning, an urgent message for me to rebalance.  And immediately I envisioned an object in its upturned hand.  Maybe you can identify with this, and if so, what would you place in its hand?  In light of the last week, and this last year with the “candidate bashing” that’s gone on.  Your children, perhaps?  Your income?  Your values?  Your religion/faith/beliefs?  A prayer?  A heart?

I know what I’d place in its hands, and maybe some of you would too.



2 responses to “It’s One Week After that Nasty Awful Day”

  1. I can’t help thinking we’re going to need a fair dose of fairy magic and angel intervention in the months ahead.


    1. Yes. The world has become a scary unstable place and rather too quickly. I find I’m constantly holding my breath with each day’s news.


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