Help Me With a New Tagline

Well, it’s August, and it’s been four years since I opened my shop.  I always contemplate changes in August, although it might take me to December to implement them.  LOL.  So lately I’ve been thinking, and some have suggested, that I should have a new tagline, also known as a “byline”.  A tagline is a sort of jingle/sentence, etc., that identifies the company or person to which/whom it is attached.  We all know the tagline for USPS:  “We Deliver for You”.  “Whoever You Are, Find Whatever You’re Into”, is what Etsy uses.  And we know the ones for the current political candidates:  “Make America Great Again”, and “Stronger Together”.  One can quickly identify which one goes with whom.

I find I’m in a dilemma and can’t make up my mind.  When you go to my website or Etsy shop, you see the tagline of “Where Vintage Meets Something Between”.  Is this something you like or would you like to see it changed?  I thought I would put the question up to you and take a vote.  After all, it’s an election year, (in the US), and this type of voting is a lot easier than what many of us will be up against soon.  I value your input and would so appreciate it if you made a choice below to help me out of my dilemma.  Thank you!

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