Laurel Festival No. 2, Down!

Well, it’s been a long weekend.  The 75th Annual Pennsylvania State Laurel Festival has come and gone.  And I was there, with bells on my toes.  Much of the days were spent talking to people; so many people and so kind.  I’d see them walk by the booth and gently smile, as if they were thinking of a memory of long past.  Their grandmother perhaps?  Or maybe an aunt.  Then they’d come in and look around, reminiscing of something in their past.  Their husbands would walk away and they would catch up with them later; they were busy “being”!

There was a woman from Germany, a nice young lady, who asked if I had any “American towels”.  Puzzled, I asked her to explain.  She said that in Germany, their dish towels aren’t the best, and her mother (?) asked if she would get her some while in the US.  So I sent her up the street about two blocks, stating that “we” (as in my town) probably have the last remaining family owned department store.  Then she looked puzzled at me.  And I had to explain about the huge shopping malls, the strip malls, and the like.  We just don’t have that here; yet.

Then there was the cute little girl who was “just looking”.  I had it in my mind that I was going to give a little girl a mini journal; just like I did last year.  And I gave it to her.  Interestingly, she loved books and that little booklet fit so well into her purse.

MJPnk (15)
Pink mini journal with recycled paper notebook and recycled plastic pen

And the woman who bought this makeup bag.

Nec41 (1)
Item No. Nec41, Sold!!!

I just knew that she was a Harley Enthusiast; don’t ask me why.  Maybe it was the dark clothing, so stylishly worn, or her boots; just not sure.  But when I showed it to her, and told her she reminded me of a woman who was a Harley Enthusiast from my last show and who purchased this bag

NEC-16 (3)
Item No. Nec16  Sold!!

and who asked if I would attach a strap to it so she could wear it under her jacket while riding, the woman told me she was also a Harley Enthusiast.

Then she began to soften.  A warm smile came across her and I could tell she was thinking.  She pulled out her black leather handbag and quickly saw that the makeup bag would fit.  It was as if she was coming back to her “girl-ness”, long ago forgotten.  And she bought it!  In the meantime, she began to chat and talk about where she lived, etc.  Now I have a new friend.

And my Lucky 500 bag! It even included a $25 gift certificate!  The bag went to a woman who spends time in my all time favorite restaurant, West End Market Cafe.  Facebook Page


Inside of booth, left side
Inside of booth, right side


Loved the fair!  Loved the people!  And had a great time!



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