Today, Memorial Day, will have a new member

Today is a sad day.  Not only for it being Memorial Day, when we remember our dead.  But also a friend died today.  He was a good friend of Husband’s and he and Husband shared that relationship for longer than we have been married; over 20 years.

We all come to the end of our lives in many ways, and L came to his today.  After a recent surgery, and a trip back home, he apparently went downhill.  After being on life support and non-responsive, his wife had to make the awful decision what to do.  Although I can’t comprehend her pain, I feel for her.  They were married for almost as long as Husband and I; in fact, we were invited to their wedding.

It will be hard not to hear his voice speaking to Husband on Facetime, or hearing it on the phone.  It will also be hard not to see them both next Christmas, as we would do.  And I can only imagine what Husband feels, knowing he is just one year younger.

Yes, Memorial Day gained another veteran of Vietnam, gained another soul, and gained another heart to break.


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