I Think I See Spring

Well, it’s the last day of February and it got up to 63 degrees today.  Yes, six three, not the other way around.  When I think of all the other Februaries, I’m reminded of over 2 feet of snow, gray skies, and….. more snow.  Frigid temperatures over night, in the minus category.

But today was different.  I was seriously thinking of taking a walk, but it was so sunny outside, I decided to do what any normal woman would do on a sunny day–wash windows!  And I must say things look a little brighter, heh heh.

But yesterday was fun, as well as the last several days.  I have listings to post in my Etsy shop, for some makeup bags, an epipen pouch and a little girl’s apron.  I posted several others yesterday, and I thought I’d share them with you.  These are baby bonnets made from a vintage dresser scarf.  Thank you, Michelle!


What I especially love about the one on the left is that it’s a Southern Lady dressed up in all her finery.  And the bonnet is so soft!  Like all my others.  The one on the right has blue rickrack on the brim and is just as cute!

If you’d like to look at them in my shop, click here:  Bonnet on Left    Bonnet on Right

And then there’s the bed pocket.  Two fabulous prints, right out of the early 1970’s and the color scheme is so retro.  It reminds me of a dress I wore to school, so long ago.  So I thought I’d embellish it a little and this is what I came up with:

Vintage cotton crochet on the bottom as well.  That one is here:  Bed Pocket   They have been pretty popular as of late.

So now as I look outside, the temp is now 57.  That is insane, for February.  And maybe now I’ll go out and take a walk.  Happy early Spring!

Keeping you in stitches,


One response to “I Think I See Spring”

  1. Those baby bonnets are so cute. A really clever repurposing.


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