What I Like About the Early Part of Each Year

Not only do I love the early part of the year because it’s cold, snowy and forces me to stay inside where it’s warm (but apparently not this year due to El Niño) but it also contains February,  a month that is sort of ethereal.

What makes February so unique?  Is it because of the 28 days, only to turn 29 after seven years?  I once had a friend born on February 29, and she would tell me her age–one seventh of the age she should have been!  It sort of left her uneasy, without a home so to speak, and she was easily conflicted.

Is it because we are slowly settling in to winter, having the month of January to prepare us?  Although this winter for me has been much like a Southern California winter.  What should normally be 10 degrees, it is now 45 and up.  And I saw daffodils coming up today!!

What I like about February is that it is the valentine month.  Every year, as a child, I would look forward to this special day where I sat at my school desk and boys and girls in my class would drop a valentine in my (coveted) cigar box.  My cigar box was my prized possession.  I would bring it every year, with the hopes it would be bulging when I walked home.  And every year I received just a few.  I kept that box for six years, until the hinge came off.  I wish I still had it now.

Sometimes the envelope that the valentine came in would also contain sweetheart candy–those chalky candy hearts that would sometimes break your fillings.  The pink wintergreen was my favorite!  And I would make sentences out of the printed sayings.

Then I would also bring my valentines to school for my classmates.  I drove my mother crazy at the store because I just had to have the right ones!  And one year, my very special friends received a special valentine:  A red craft paper heart on a white paper doily.

I enjoyed using the paste jar, the scent still reminds me, to stick the hearts and doilies together.  And the red ink that would remain on my hands from the craft paper.  Sometimes the doilies tore because they were too thin.  But I was determined.

Reminiscing to that special time, I decided this year I’d make some valentines for my Etsy shop, AuntMaymesAttic.  Craft paper valentines with bits of lace, vintage fabric, stamps and a bow–just for those special people.






Or if you would like to send the same valentine to a group of friends, let’s say six, here are some more.  A box of six, complete with envelopes and the box will have a pretty bow on the front.






To look at these closer,  just click on the photos and you will be taken to my Etsy shop.

I hope I’ve evoked a fond memory of your Valentines Days past and if you have the time, drop me a line and share how yours were special.  And hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to link the photos directly to my shop.

Keeping you in stitches,


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