Happy Holidays Everyone!

As yet another year draws to a close, I’m reminiscent of all that’s happened. I won’t remind myself of the negativity of recent occurrences, but rather look forward to another year. In light of this, I’d like to share something about myself with you.

Every holiday, I place an apple under my tree in honor of my father, who lost his sister and mother in the Spanish flu epidemic. The first Christmas after their deaths, he was very much alone, living with relatives while his dad was looking for a new wife. That year, my dad received an apple as a gift. Realizing how much he was alone in the world, he knew that this was all that could be given, under the circumstances. He kept it under his bed, until it rotted. The following year, he received a new mom and a new bicycle.

When he relayed this story to us, even cupping his hands over his long remembered “shiny red apple” and his eyes lighting up when he mentioned his new mom, I could see the hope of a young boy in his age old eyes. The hope that the apple brought, for a following year of joy and gladness.

So it’s with this apple, I give to you; for a new year of hope and encouragement, in light of the devastation we have received. A friend of mine put it so clearly when she said we must not lose heart, but “remember that this planet consists of more good people shoulder to shoulder holding candles ablaze with love and kindness, than people who are misguided and destructive.”

She goes on to say, “It is this collective consciousness that will swirl about our planet, gather strength and momentum, and prevail…” That sentence alone gives me hope.

Christmas Hope
Christmas Hope

Happy ChristHanKwanSolstice everyone!

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