Mad Money March

I realize it’s now March and in anticipation of the spring, and this horrid, cold and damp winter ending, I dragged out my seed catalogs.  Oh fun!  It was fabulous to look at and plan, while there’s still snow on the ground.  Vegetables galore, and from a great company–  Pinetree Garden Seeds out of New Glouchester, Maine.  I’ve been ordering from them for years and I love their seed packets.  Cute little plain colored paper packets (no fancy glossy images there!) and a cute stamp on the front.  More than likely hand filled, too.

Pinetree is all about sustainability and non-GMO seed.  In fact, their mission statement is right inside the front cover, and you really have to read it to get the feel of what they are about.  Tactile learning!

Just to let you know what kind of winter we have had–over three weeks now and temps below zero (Fahrenheit) overnight.  Zero in Fahrenheit is zero; zilch, nada, ball of the thermometer.  Not below 32 degrees, which is freezing but 32 degrees below freezing.  And just how low did it go?  Well, it’s been as cold as 28 below.  And I’d like to share with you a photo I took of two detergent bottles filled with dish detergent I ordered (can’t find organic detergent here and everything else makes my hands smell like melamine).  The one on the right is the most frozen; the one on the left is warming up.  This is what they look like when they’ve been left out overnight on the doorstep at 9 below ZERO.  Which as of late, was a heat wave..

Oh my!  It was cold out there!

Oh my! It was cold out there!

So in light of the frigid temps, I’m having a special sale in my Etsy shop for all my Etsy newsletter subscribers.  I’m calling it Mad Money March and it’s honoring my Mad Money fund that allows me to purchase things I want, such as garden seeds, and other very special things in my wish list.  What’s the sale, you might ask?  Ten dollars off any purchase of $40 or more; a 25% savings on your total purchase!  Howsa bout that?  But you have to be a newsletter subscriber.  How do you sign up?  It’s easy.  Just email me.

Have a look at my newest items:

Nec-17 (10)

HC-16 (2)  PilC- 8 (3)HC-15 (6)

Do any of these entice you?  If not, stay tuned.  There will be more!

Yours truly, truly