Ahem…Drum Roll Please

Have you ever had a situation where something you wanted to work so badly, didn’t?  And didn’t that jade you a bit?  Sort of made you feel like you would never get anything you wanted?  And then you did?  It’s like the saying, “If you don’t get what you want, think of the things you didn’t want and got”.  Well, (where am I going with this?), I gave up having something turn out good, only to try again and have it turn out right.  (Am I making sense?)  It’s like computers and technology.  Can you imagine how many times we’ve been deflated over 1) pages not posting, 2) photos not being uploaded when we thought they were, 3) photos turning out crummy when we thought they weren’t, 4) software programs not working, etc., etc.  I’m sure you get the picture.

Well, I decided I’d try–again!  After such a difficult learning curve on Etsy using their apps, (such as the bulk listing editor consistently asking me for a token ring–Whaaa?  Why not a diamond ring?)  working on WordPress and trying to find out how to get to my old posts, and please don’t get me started on Facebook because that will bring me down (the learning curve is a mountain with that one!), I finally hit success!  I decided to use EtsyonSale for my Black Friday to Christmas sale, instead of using a coupon.  And….drum roll please…it worked!  All my listings have cute little redlined prices and a cute little first line title.  Oh fun, fun, fun!  Check it out by clicking on the box below.

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