The Story of the Diamond String Quilt

Several years ago, my son was moving from New York to San Francisco.  I knew I was going to miss his close location to me here on the East Coast, so I wanted to make him something to remember me by and I got busy.

I found a website that had a pattern that used strings, (small narrow strips of quilting fabric less than 2″ wide) and liked the idea of going green with using up scraps.  It was fun to sew strings together, then cross cut them, then sew the cross cuts end-to-end, then attach a piece of fabric to the long strip made of the strings, cut it all out and I had diamond shaped blocks.  Although the original design, from a very well known world renown quilter had a light background, I felt my son would want a darker one.  After all, his dad always liked dark colors.  So I chose dark olive, burgundy and black.

The day arrived.  I proudly handed it to him, saying I wanted him to have it.  He looked a little sad, but being the kind gentle man he is, he said, “Mom I like this quilt, but I really like the one you put on my bed when I came to visit–you know, the one with the circles on it”.  That one was a Dresden plate design with a white background, that I bought at an auction.  He was so sweet!

So that August, 2008, I entered his quilt–the one I made–into my Guild’s local quilt show.  I had several votes, but the quilt couldn’t compete with the “well-knowns” of the Guild, who could do hand applique, hand quilting, and the like.  After all, I was just a newbie.  And it’s rare when a newbie wins a prize with such competition.

So after the show, I put it away; thinking I would use it some day.  Then along came Etsy.  Why not post it there?  Maybe someone might see it and like it.  And it was posted through Etsy onto several sites.  Lo and behold, someone saw it, liked it, and bought it.  Squee!!!  That’s what my Etsy shop is about–creating and regenerating memories.

So today, I’m wrapping it up; all those memories in that box.  And I know the person buying it will truly appreciate it; like I have.  Maybe you too can find something on my Etsy site and be a part of that great Togetherness. You can find me by searching for my shop, Aunt Mayme’s Attic (take out the spaces and the apostrophe), or you can click on the link below.