Just How Many Articles of Clothing Can a Retired Woman Have??

As is that time of year again, I go through my closet, changing my wardrobe from winter to spring/summer from the previous season’s storage in another part of the closet.  And as always, I’m desirous of getting rid of those things I no longer want or need.  But that’s what is so difficult.  Almost every item I own, I’ve made, except for maybe half a dozen articles such as a skirt or two, a couple blouses, and a favorite dress in a color that is so beautiful.  

The biggest problem is letting go of the attachment; the amount of time it took for me to make the item, or what I was thinking when I bought the fabric.  And then I struggle with another season of my disappointment in the item I made.  The self loathing, self-critic kicks in and I’m listening to “This doesn’t fit“, “The color is wrong”, “It makes you look frumpy/old/without shape/pale“, etc.  And I am again frustrated with trying to defend why I want to keep it: “Well, on that one I learned how to attach trim“, “On that one, I learned that I have a high round back and I need to make an adjustment for it“, “So-and-so (usually a good friend) gave me this fabric and I wanted to do something with it” (this last one is my biggest defense).  And again, the closet is full of things I don’t wear.

But this year, I’m trying.  So far I’ve managed to cull about 15 items, and one I decided to not let it sit in the closet for the “Sometime-I-Might-Need-to-Wear-That-to-a (Special Occasion/Meeting, etc.)” message, and decided to wear it around the house.  (This one is a skirt I bought many years ago while on a business trip).   The interesting thing is that my winter wardrobe has less pieces than my spring/summer one, yet the spring/summer one takes up more space.  What does that tell you??

And then there’s the 200 or so yards of fabric in my fabric stash that I’ve saved for making something for the summer.  Gack!  When does it stop??

The good thing is, Etsy is keeping me company (and away from that sewing I need to do for my summer clothes).  Too bad more people didn’t take advantage of my May sale.  Maybe it’s time to get on Facebook?  Then I’d have more things to take me away from what I really need to do–Etsy and sew.