I’m in the Mood for…Spring

Well, it’s finally arrived.  The peepers are peeping, the robins are trilling, and even the tree swallows are back, sitting on the wire deciding which house they want.  It’s here.  After that long dreary and dreadful winter.  I never once thought about not liking winter until this year, and this year was a doozy.  One day we got 10 inches of snow, the next, 2 inches, and the next, another 10.  I was forever shoveling the driveway.

But enough of that.  Spring is here!!! And in good time too.  If I can only get my vegetable garden planned.  It was as if Mother Nature kept laughing at me, saying, “Watch this” and would pummel me with more snow.  I couldn’t take her seriously (she must be blonde…)  So, I thought what better thing that denotes Spring (other than the Easter bunny) other than weddings?  I went off on a wedding tangent.  Making sachets and little mini journals to give as gifts.  And here they are:


The sachets are little pockets, with a surprise inside.  A purple gingham sachet, with a ribbon attached so it can be hung.


PurpGreen (3)

Delicate batiste hankies made into little envelopes.  How fun!  My favorite is the purple and green.  Next are the mini journals.


ImageImage Image

The fun thing about those was making the bookmarks.  See them all, and more, in my Etsy shop.