The Sewing Studio is done–At least for now

Well, I finally did it.  At least I think so for now.  After over a year of figuring out what to do with my sewing studio, I finally redecorated it and re-engineered it for my physical limitations.   After over six years of having the desk stick out in the middle of the room, but was too low for my scoliosis-type back, I decided to remove the back extension that made part of my cutting space, and move the desk against the wall.  I wanted the cutting area to be along the wall perpendicular to it, where most of the natural light comes into the room.  And of course, this cutting area had to be much higher than the 30″ I used at the back of the desk.  And it is–38″ high.  


Patience Corner

I’ve also given up my pressing area; something I miss.  But I had to become reasonable.  Me?  Reasonable?? Having the entire upstairs with the exception of the bathroom, on one circuit, and being limited to 1200 watt irons in a time when 1500 watt and 1700 watt irons are now the norm, I could no longer continue with pressing in my sewing room.  At least for now.  So I’ve moved it to the bathroom.  (But don’t tell anyone–I’m thinking of moving it back–maybe for just the little stuff)

But here’s the dilemma.  I’m not liking the “patience corner” set up.  It’s called Patience Corner because it was the corner that tried my patience!  To the left of the green drawers and going into the corner, about 20″ is a fireplace covered up with drywall.  Which makes it difficult to hang anything there.  So I had to move the shelves closer to the desk.  Those are the shelves where the baskets are (my Project Organizer) and the green sewing machine drawers are too heavy for the top shelf.  Not only that, but I need a wider cutting area; the 18″ wide table top is too narrow.  So I’m going to rethink that area.  I have plans to get an Elfa Drawer frame from The Container Store  and use the baskets in there.  Then continue the cutting area to the corner by buying two Closetmaid six cubes (no, not “six packs”!) from Lowe’s 

What I do like is the area to the right of the door where you come in.  This was my old pressing area.  I love that louvered door cabinet!  And DH made the bookcase.


Old Pressing Area/New Storage


Old Pressing Area

This is my new view from the door.  Lots of light, even though I have “eyebrow windows”.  The small cabinet in the corner is a doll closet.  The left door hides Dolly, the two doors hide her clothes, complete with a closet pole, and the three drawers on the bottom are for her accessories.  But I use it for my serger thread.


New View From doorway

So there you have it.  At least until I get the Patience Corner re-“patienced”.

One thought on “The Sewing Studio is done–At least for now

  1. Pella says:

    It looks so neat and tidy! I understand your frustrations with space limitations though, I frequently move the ironing board into the bathroom next to my sewing room. Just can’t fit everything in and still move around.


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