Back to the Closet Safes!

Yesterday, after being snowed in due to 10 inches falling all day, I couldn’t go shopping so I decided to get busy with my Etsy shop.  Knowing how people travel this time of year (I’m not one of them and certainly couldn’t yesterday), I felt that closet safes would be the way to go.  I have just two left in my shop, they are shipped free in the US and fun to make.  What is it I truly like about these?  They put an otherwise unused pillowcase to good use, and protect clothing and valuables.  So the end result is two beautiful cases repurposed into another use.  What better way to restore history?

What I found really interesting was on the bottom edge of the SweetPea before I cut it off:

I have relatives in South Dakota and I believe Aunt Mayme herself stayed at this very nursing home. So what better way to share the love than to stay inside and re-invite a memory? It was a good day, in spite of the weather.