Round 2, Matched Set

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I tried to fly off a motorcycle and was unsuccessful.  What occurred was a brain concussion and a fracture of my distal radius on my left side.  This resulted in a five day hospital stay, two days of which I was “out”.  It also resulted in my marrying the driver, who felt so guilty, and having a child whom I love dearly.

Since that time, every once in a while, I’d wonder if I would ever break my other one.  Well, now I know…I have a matched set..



It’s cumbersome; the new cast makes me clumsy, and I wonder if in my getting used to it, that I’ll smack myself in the head while sleeping.  It’s somewhat difficult to type, and I haven’t attempted driving yet–that test is tomorrow.  I can’t clean house, sew (at least I haven’t tried that yet), quilt, or cut fabric.  I have a friend coming over tomorrow who is going to clean my bathtub (I can manage vacuuming with my left hand) and two friends are coming by on Wednesday to help cut the fabrics, and alteration items that are hanging in my closet.

That’s where I pause and ask myself, “What would my world be without these dear friends who have come to my aid?  Who have thrown me that ‘rope’ to help me out of my despair?  How can I repay them for their kindness?”  The challenge is finding something suitable that not only identifies my feelings for them, but also gives them something too; that’s special just for that person.

So I’m in “slow mode”, rethinking my life’s plan and what I want to do.  As to Etsy, that will still be; I love my shop.  As to the alterations business–that I’m not sure of.  I have several projects on my desk right now, and this could have been worse. And as to my mountain of fabric stash–yes, that’s getting the eye too.  It’s a wakeup call to what’s important in my life for me.  Is that selfish?  I don’t think so, as I’ve been mostly about concern for others and the resultant harmony balance that I so often seek.  It’s my turn.  This experience should give me a firmer footing for standing my ground, because I didn’t “stand” it too well when I fell and broke my wrist.

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