Zones, Zone, Zoned, Zoner, yadda yadda

Recently I posted some items in my Etsy shop, AuntMaymesAttic.  And, I found a shipping rate chart for commercial base accounts that Etsy uses.  The chart is so that buyers won’t have to pay the same prices as a non-Etsy buyer, thereby saving some money.   Duh!  This now makes me not up to date in my shipping, and I have to change my shipping amounts.  Oye vey.

Thankfully, I downloaded the spreadsheet showing the commercial base charges, but the problem was, being a spreadsheet, all the zones were listed as text across the top.  Zone 1, Zone 2, etc….  You get the picture.  So I thought I would try to find a Zone list, so I can effectively use the spreadsheet.  It took me over 15 minutes to locate; you would think it would be more simple!  Just type in Zone Chart in the search box.  But oh no!  I received 1000 results for summaries that had the word Zone in them.  Only when I did a Google search, did I find the chart.  Go figure.   Was I zoned/not in the zone/a non-zoner!   yadda yadda!

So if you’re watching this blog, and you are following my shop, watch for shipping changes!