Piano Cover No. 2 (with bench cover) is Finished!!

Today was the day.  I was going to stop being “anal retentive” and finish this thing!  Anal retention is a disease where you think what you are doing isn’t good enough, so you keep trying to perfect what you are doing, and sometimes wind up with worse.

I had to draw a line; no more was I going to stay awake nights thinking about how I need to rip this thing out, again, after 4 times, and do it over.  I had to realize I’m not in the business of making piano covers, nor do I want to be.  And to think that I had no pattern, no idea of what to work with, and went with “what was”.

Every time I pressed this little bugger, I had to fold it up to transport it.  When I got to where I was going, (the local community center for the arts), it was wrinkly–as if I never ironed it.  Oh my!  The fabric is tapestry, with a bit of poly in it (yep, that’s what made pressing difficult), and I’m going to leave it alone and not worry.  The wrinkles will fall out; yes they will.

This cover sits on a Sohmer grand piano, in a 1 year old building, built for my local town for artistic engagements. When I came to choose the fabric,  I had no idea of the room colors; just went down to the upholstery fabric store, grabbed a swatch that I liked, and came back with something I thought would work.  This was where my search ended as The Universe worked for me.  The color is perfect as the carpet is gold, and the chairs in this room are a dark mauve, which is almost the same color in the center of the diamonds (you can see them near the doorway).  What else could I want??

Then we have the bench cover.  I had to remember how to make box pillows, with a zipper.  Pulled out my trusty Singer Sewing Book and it showed me the box pillows, but no zipper insertion and the box pillows in the Singer book were square, so the directions had to be modified.  Then I had to go with my gut to figure out how to do the zipper.

When all was said and done, I put the cover on the old foam, not thinking I should buy new, and lo and behold, the cover is a little too big in one spot–the spot where everyone sits–as the foam is squashed down.  Time to buy new foam.

But as I’m sitting here writing this, I’m happy.  Happy it’s over,  thinking it was impossible to complete, happy I can get on with other things, such as my summer clothes;  and happy that the color is nice.  What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Piano Cover No. 2 (with bench cover) is Finished!!

  1. Susan says:

    1. Sewing for others on commission guarantees a disaster for me.
    2. Sewing something gigunda is a trial unto itself
    3 with those considerations, it was stressful for me to read this.
    4. The photos make it all look so simple.
    You did a wonderful job and it is off your back! On with the summer clothes!


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