Today’s a Sad Day

I can’t believe it–It’s January 28. And so many previous January 28’s have not been ideal.  My dad died on January 28, the Space Shuttle blew up on January 28, and today, this January 28, my dear friend’s beloved faithful furry companion died. He was such a sweetie!  Always wanting to please and play games.  I recall once she, my friend, told me “He’s what I wake up for each day; I can’t imagine a day without him”.  And today is that day.

What can I tell her?  How can I make her sadness go away?  She’s strong, although lately she’s had her hard knocks.  Even a bowling pin goes down with friction, and she’s been dealt some blows as of late.

They were inseparable; she would take him everywhere.  Whether it be shopping, having lunch with friends or doctor appointments.  When she was rehearsing for a play, he was there with her in the theater; keeping everyone entertained.  She rarely left him alone, because he was her companion.  And tonight she’s without; sitting in her cottage out in the middle of nowhwere, and alone–so very alone.

My thoughts are with her; I know she will make it through this.  And I also know that the loneliest night we will ever have to face is the first one in which our loved one is no more.