Postage Rates Going Up Again!! Grrr!!

Yes, it’s official–US postage has gone up again!  But thankfully I am not going to change all my prior listings to reflect this.  Why should I?  When it would take me as much time to edit and then re-save them as it does with the increase? I’d rather be sewing!   So any listing prior to and including January 25, 2013 will ship with the old postage rate and I’ll make up the difference.  How’s that for a nice warm thing to do on such a cold night?  (minus three degrees Fahrenheit!)

And a big THANKS to all who have emailed me to have their shipping changed because they are in a closer location.  Hopefully in the future Etsy will have something in place to automatically figure shipping costs.

Those potholders were fun!  Lots of pinks in them and free motion quilted by Yours Truly.  And that custom order for the Kindle Kozy–that was the most!  Great customer; she emailed me to request the custom item.  Which brings me to say that if anyone wants a custom item, to email me and I’ll send photos of what I have in the “skeleton stage”.  Yup, this is fun!