Where I am

When I was very young, about 10, I had an Aunt Mayme who lived on a farm.  Aunt Mayme was an old woman, even then, and she admired my desire to dress up.  Many times I’d ask if I could go up in her attic and look through her trunk, which had a rolled top, and when opened, inside were little drawers that slid around.  The trunk contained the most special things: Hand embroidered doilies and pillowcases, tea towels–nothing that would speak “dress up”. But I would pick up these lovelies and admire them; holding them in my hands to see if they would “speak” to me.  And they did.  To think of all the hardwork whoever did these, was mind bending, to say the least.  And I tried very hard to replicate them, to no avail.

I’ve taken that experience to share with you the beauty of hand embroidered items.  And being as I sew and quilt, I found an outlet for my creativity.  I hope you will admire these things as much as I enjoy creating them.

Some items in my shop, such as glassware,  were created by others, but still hold that same ethereal quality of vintage and history as my repurposed embroidered items.  It is this same ethereal quality that I hope to convey in everything I sell; to take you back to a more simple time, when the world was full and happy.